On the run from a jilted warlord queen in a mind-controlled Dodge Swinger, cyborg brothers Trip and Rudy take on a suicide mission, plunging headlong into a sentient department store swarming with nanomachine-infested zombies, to rescue the daughter of a king – all for the reward.
An army of robots built from spare parts… A cult of alien-god worshiping squids… A nano-mechanical ex-zombie queen just trying to find her place in the world… And two idiot cyborgs out to con their neighbors into going to war for fun and profit. The end of the world has never been this fun.
War has engulfed the planet, flooding the Wasteland with refugees. But where others see a quickly unfolding tragedy, cyborg con-man and thief Trip sees a chance to make a fast buck.
All Yuki Feldman ever wanted was to embezzle enough money to eventually buy herself a hot tub. But then a fast-talking plant named Glorghesh ropes her into a star-spanning life on the run filled with cops, debt collectors, space pirates, cat burglars, unionized robots, and booze. Lots and lots of booze. Okay, maybe life on the run won’t be so bad after all…
An unlikely band of adventurers set off on a madcap, screwball adventure through the mysterious Eastern Lands to rescue a kidnapped prince from the evil necromantess Banassa and along the way find themselves having to save the world from an ancient evil they accidentally released.
Rookie DUPES officer Dana Loy reports for her first day of duty as an officer of the law in the sleepiest star system in the sector. Facing a lecherous drunk of a commanding officer, a love-struck robot, an entire fleet of pirates, and a psychotic criminal mastermind, she’ll be lucky to live out the day.
Making a better zombie isn’t all drudgery… you do get to kill people! Professional mad scientist Reginald Broont won’t let anything stop him from fulfilling his life’s dream of creating a domesticated zombie.
A terminally-ill 16 year old in an all-powerful robot body… A morally-wayward, gun-toting nun… And a pair of cybernetically-enhanced human collaborators who are more interested in looting than saving the world… They are humanity’s last and only hope. No matter how you look at it, humanity is doomed.
This collection contains darkly comic science fiction short stories of greed, sloth, arrogance, and shame: MONDO HEETZE, AMERICAN SUICIDAL, WHEN THE SQUIRRELS AND PIGEONS HAD A WAR, EDGY AND THE VOID, THE CREDITORS, SECOND UNIT, and DISSECTING HENRIES.